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In 1995, Leslie and I were very young Christians that set out on the rodeo trail to pursue a world championship in bareback riding. Seven years later we had experienced a lot of success in competition but what surprised us the most was how much we had fallen in love with people and realized we could help. We never thought of it as a ministry. We both just sincerely cared about the people of our sport and the ever increasing fans it attracted. We had realized that rodeo was more of a platform for us to do what we really loved and that was pouring faith, hope and love into people.

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Our Purpose

Through the living illustration of our Born Wild Event at men's events, church gatherings, retreat centers, prison yards, Native American reservations-Todd Pierce and Riding High Ministries are bringing families and communities together to share the Gospel of Jesus. The primary tool Riding High Ministries has been given to communicate the many dynamics of the Kingdom is Todd Pierce's ability to work with horses. By demonstrating how Todd can connect with a horse, he is able to illustrate how Jesus pursues, heals and ultimately becomes one with us as a Father.

Our Ministries

Men's Ministry

We are living in the most Fatherless generation in all recorded history. The last words of the Old Testament describe our time. It is a time when there will be fathers, but their hearts will not be for their kids and kids’ hearts will not be for their parents. It says God’s spokesmen will turn the hearts of fathers to their sons, and sons to their fathers. This is a promise that is being fulfilled right now. We are partnering with Holy Spirit in this global movement among men. When men learn to lead with love, women will be honored and children will be empowered.

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Our Ministries

Prison Ministry

Jesus was a man who walked in perfect love and He taught us to do the same. He compels us to love those who are poor and imprisoned. He has given us great compassion for inmates and now has given us great favor and access to tens of thousands of these men. By bringing a horse right into the prison yards, the majority of men, who otherwise would never go to a spiritual event, flood to our presentations. Prison officials everywhere say that the message and the way it is delivered is the most effective program that has ever entered their facilities.

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Our Ministries

Born Wild Events

Jesus commissioned us to go into all the world and preach the good news of the Kingdom. We take it personally! We want to maximize our unique and powerful “Born Wild” presentations so people everywhere will know this amazing truth. The public feels welcome as these communities put down all denominational differences and work together with us to make space for “All” to come and have the opportunity to be transformed by the power of God.

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Our Amazing Team

Todd & Leslie Pierce


Doug & Kelley Barrett

Operations Director

Colton & Abigail Pierce

Social Media Manager

Randy & Victoria Quartieri


Bob & Mandy Eckhardt

Public Relations Director
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I loved the presentation last night. Todd’s style and easy going demeanor made him so easy to listen to. Since I went up early to help out I was able to watch him prepare. He prayed over that space so many times, he was truly in a constant state of prayer. Being able to witness his humility and complete submission to God was special. There were lots of good takeaway statements and the visual example of the horse really made his words stick in a different way.


That moment when the horse placed the rope in his hand... I was speechless.


[My son and I] are both strong minded and opinionated (much like a horse). After watching and hearing Todd share his message I realized how often my approach to being tough with my son isn’t working. I also realized that at 17 my son has a stronger faith then I often have myself. This is a long way around to say how personal and impactful this message was. I have already started to change our interactions and my focus from the heart. I am also reminded of your sculpture of Jesus washing his disciples feet. We are here to serve not impose our will or opinions.


I watched via livestream and was grateful for that opportunity. I enjoyed Todd’s presentation and how much you could tell he loved the Lord and wanted everyone to experience that in a real and tangible way. I also appreciated having him here for the L&L where we could get to know him a little better.


When we got back to the car after the event, my dad was teary eyed and was telling me how thankful he was that I brought him. He said it reminded him of his father and how “dad used to make me do that same thing back then” (train/break in horses). It really brought him back and I could tell Todd’s message touched him. My father isn’t usually the type to get emotional and open up, but being able to witness the message that Todd was portraying allowed him to do that with me. He was able to relate on a level that I don’t think he would’ve been exposed to had he not watched Todd’s message and I am forever grateful for that.

Raw & Unique

I just couldn’t help but show my appreciation to you and the rest of the team who organized bringing Todd Pierce to Abilene. I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t too interested in going to the event because it didn’t exactly sound like my “style” (the horse part, not the Jesus part). However, after listening to Todd tell his story, I knew those were God’s words speaking through him telling me to go. There’s something about the raw and unique way that Todd shares His word that grabbed 100% of my interest and had me wanting more.


It was incredible. A truly unique presentation of the gospel and how we relate to Jesus in our individual life. For those of us whose relationship with Jesus can sometimes slip into the routine, it was a refreshing and renewing evening. Your willingness to do this for our community was a true blessing.


I absolutely loved the “Born Wild” presentation last night. It was such a beautiful experience to witness! His story, humble spirit, love for people and God is incredible.

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