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In 1995, Leslie and I were very young Christians that set out on the rodeo trail to pursue a world championship in bareback riding. Seven years later we had experienced a lot of success in competition but what surprised us the most was how much we had fallen in love with people and realized we could help. We never thought of it as a ministry. We both just sincerely cared about the people of our sport and the ever increasing fans it attracted. We had realized that rodeo was more of a platform for us to do what we really loved and that was pouring faith, hope and love into people. In 2002 I suffered a knee injury at the Calgary Stampede. I was expecting to be sidelined for at least 4 months but following surgery I learned that I had complications that would put me out closer to a year. I was devastated! Not only was I unsure how I would provide for my family, I thought I had lost the only platform I had to reach people with the Kingdom of Jesus. I cried out to Jesus asking Him why He would give me such a burden for people and then make it impossible to reach them. I described it as though I was looking through a plate of glass and could see the hurt in people's lives and I knew I carried what they needed but couldn’t get to them. A couple weeks later a man named Cody Custer called and asked if I would fly to Portland to speak to the PBR athletes and a small group of fans. Although I had done hardly any public speaking, I accepted simply because Cody was a close friend. What I learned that weekend was that I didn’t need to actually be competing to have a voice. It went well enough that He asked Leslie and I to come the next week to a California event. Long story short, after three weeks of this, we all knew that this was exactly what God had been preparing us for and we committed to it full time. Eighteen years later we have traveled around the world and encouraged hundreds of thousands of people with the reality of the Kingdom of Jesus. Now we are entering into a new season of narrowing our primary focus to maximizing my gift of communicating Kingdom principles and values through working with horses. Although we will continue to do a diversity of events, men are our target. We are using all means possible to help men gain a vision that is true to their own heart and the heart of God.

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