What is a spiritual activity?

>What is a spiritual activity?

I have been in situations where I could see obvious solutions to problems and I never mentioned it. I didn’t have the attitude that I didn’t care or I didn’t want to help, I simply assumed that because it was so obvious to me that they also knew the solution, but chose not to apply it. As I go farther along in this life of faith, I am getting more keen to the fact that many people are spending their lives with problems and they just don’t have the truth or the knowledge to fix them. So, today I want to give a truth that may be elementary to you, but you may not be living in it.

As Christians, we tend to divide our lives into spiritual activities and secular (non-spiritual) activities. We raise up spiritual leaders who have lives committed to spiritual things and we see ourselves as ones who simply feed off those leaders so we can better live out secular lives. Many Christians see their jobs and hobbies as secular activities and things like praying, reading the Bible and going to church as the spiritual activities. If you are a child of God, everything you do has the potential to be a spiritual activity. We are a generation that shouldn’t have such a thing as laymen in the Christian family. You are all people who have jobs that serve people and can be done with the joy and knowledge that your job can be a beautiful and fulfilling act of worship to our Father.

Before we got stuck in a model of Christianity that glamorizes leaders and minimizes the importance of work done outside the “church” walls, children of God had the privilege of knowing that the work of their hands were sacrifices that were a sweet-smelling aroma to their Father. Regardless of the pay scale or level of importance others put on it, they knew how significant their role was in the community. Their work was done to serve people and they had the knowledge of the Truth of what it means to their God. Let us be restored to the joy of knowing that wherever we go, we carry the presence of God and can bring about revival.

My work provides my family with an income and it has its good days and bad. My joy comes from knowing who I am matters to our Father. I have come to the end of weeks where I have been a part of huge ministry events, and I have felt discouraged. On the other hand, I just had a weekend watching my boys race motorcycles with courage and character and I am greatly encouraged. The only difference between the times of despair and joy is my knowledge of how my efforts have served the people I love and how that service was done with an attitude of worship to our Father. Today I need to split and stack firewood. Is that a spiritual act of worship or just a job? Next week, I will have the opportunity to share the Truth of the Kingdom with several thousand people in Las Vegas. Will that be a spiritual act of worship or just a job? Your are a son/daughter of God. Everything you do unto Him as you serve your community is significant beyond measure. You have a Father who loves who you are and whatever you do to serve people can be a spiritual act of worship. Enter into this joy!

Todd Pierce

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