Good mornin’ Sista!!! Had to write RHM about this. A couple of weeks ago, I told you “Sowers and Waterers” helped me with something I’ve been struggling with for several years. Well it was tithing, I have always battled gross or net. After that devotional, I was lead to start tithing from my gross amount. My wife and I have been praying over a job move for her and yesterday afternoon she was blessed with an offer that more than doubled her current pay!  You CAN’T out give God!!! Your devotionals and teaching do help (I’m sure there are herds of stories RHM never hears), so please keep doing what you do. God bless,

-Rip Copeland

Thank you for your ministry to cowboys! My oldest brother trained horses, did backpacking into the high country, lived and breathed horses. He claimed he was good with horses (won state awards for his horse training) because he understood them. But he was like the story about the stubborn horse that took lots of loving patience to “break”. He passed away from a heart attack at the age of 53 in 1988, but a couple years before He died, he let Jesus “break” him, and what a change in that big, tough cowboy! His face was a telltale sign of the gentleness and loving kindness that God brought into his heart. Complete change! By the way, he never went to church, but rode many a rodeo circuits. Keep up the good work! I’m praying for you and your ministries that the Holy Spirit will speak through you words that is needed for each event and hearts will be forever changed, just like my cowboy brother!

-Esther Smith

“Sometime back, I sat in this same coliseum here in Greensboro. I was present for my family member’s graduation from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. There was NO prayer, since our government has banned prayer at our public schools. As Todd stated during the presentation, it is a great thing that God can be talked about in a public place. It saddens me greatly when society tries to shut out God, and it was completely refreshing to see God being glorified at a public event.

It is evident that Riding High Ministries is committed to sharing the Gospel–something the world desperately needs. I sat with amazement at the number of souls who gave their lives to Christ Saturday and I also reflected back to 1985 to when I committed my life to Jesus. After having water works going on with my eyes from seeing the number of people who committed themselves to Jesus, I know being a partner with your organization is something I must do. It fills my heart with joy to see others experience freedom–the freedom only Jesus Christ can bring.”



I was one of the privileged to be in the audience on Saturday afternoon to watch Todd Pierce work with that horse. I have had a tiny bit of experience with young horses, so I was familiar with what he was trying to accomplish with that filly. However, I was deeply touched by his message, and it made more sense to me than before. I could see my own life in that scared horse as she resisted the very one that could rescue her from her fears! I am so grateful to Todd for his demonstration and his generosity in sharing that message in such a special way!

Many thanks to Riding High Ministries for this special, life-changing event!

-Mary Ann Yow

Friday, September 7th, Baker City, OR., saw the largest, most successful evangelistic event in its long history. The event sponsor was Blue Mountain Baptist Church of Baker, a 5-year old Southern Baptist church plant. There were close to 900 adults in attendance (lots of children, too) for an area that only has a population of roughly 10,000 people. Todd shared his horse-breaking illustration while Scott Brown accompanied him with music. The horse responded very well to Todd and was an exemplary illustration of the human predicament. After Todd Pierce asked the people to consider giving themselves to Christ, we had a response of at least 50 people. A majority of the respondents were rededicating themselves to Christ or coming back to a faith they had walked away from. However, there were at least 9 people who trusted in Christ for the first time. The counselors (10 in number) were so overwhelmed with respondents that it is really impossible to determine how many people came to Christ or the impact that the event actually had. Afterwards, Todd challenged the attendees to bring a friend the following evening at the same time for another horse-breaking Gospel illustration.

The next Saturday morning, Todd went into the Powder River Correctional Facility to do a horse-breaking for the inmates there. There were roughly 75 inmates that attended the illustration. We had to overcome many obstacles due to a lack of preparation on the part of the prison. The owner of the horse had not received security clearance (due to an oversight) and the prison staff had not prepared the necessary sound equipment. These setbacks resulted in a loss of 15-20 valuable minutes, but God did not allow His desire for these men to hear the Gospel to be opposed. With the help of some of the prisoners, we were able to set up the sound equipment and Todd was able to work the horse, a beautiful filly with a nervous disposition. The demonstration went very well, although Todd was bucked off several times and almost kicked in the head once! Unfortunately, we were unable to directly ascertain the response of the inmates because of the loss of time, but we were informed that many inmates that were not believers prayed to trust Christ.

Then, Saturday evening, Todd broke another horse. This time, the arena was about 3/4 full (roughly 750 people altogether). Many had come the night before, but there were many people who had not attended Friday event, as well. The mare Todd broke was very subservient and submitted to Todd without much of a fight, which was surprising due to the difficulty the owners had in getting her to the event in the first place. The event was just as successful as the night before. When Todd gave the call to accept Christ, there were at least 15-20 responses. This time, however, a majority of the responses were first time conversions!

As for follow-up, Blue Mountain Baptist Church has already incorporated at least 9 people into various discipleship groups and beginning Bible studies. In addition, roughly ten or so were already somehow involved with one of the local churches that participated by inviting people and have gotten plugged in there (or the leadership has been informed of their response and will have to opportunity to take action with those individuals).

Thus, God has worked a great miracle in Baker City! In the past, it has taken years to see even half of the fruit that this event has yielded. Now the hard work begins: discipleship!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Tyrone Myers
Director of Evangelism
Blue Mountain Baptist Church
2145 21st Street
Baker City, OR. 97814
(541) 519-1765


I have never experienced anything like the Faith Night at Denver UMC. My two grandchildren and I have tried explaining it to others and the words just can’t express it. I’ve always had a deep love and appreciation for horses and just can not explain in words what I experienced Saturday night.

Todd, your message on Sunday morning answered a question I’ve prayed about for many years. God truly uses you in a miraculous way. Your lovely wife sings like no one I’ve ever heard. Her voice is heaven sent.  I would love to hear her singing over and over again.

Please know that you spoke a direct word from God our Father into my heart Saturday and again on Sunday.  It was an experience I will never forget. I pray for your ministry, will be providing financial support as God directs, and pray that our paths cross again soon.

In His love –

Pam Wolfe


After the sharing of Todd’s “Born Wild, Created to be Free” wild-horse illustrated Gospel presentation, Pastor Jay Demay of Hoof Beats Cowboy Fellowship writes:

“A young girl was the first to make her way over to Todd and when she got to him, she just let loose and gushed tears. Todd hugged her, prayed with her and talked to her for some time. But most of all, she saw and felt the unconditional love our Father has for her through the message and the heart He gave Todd! When you are the messenger of God, you are a servant of God, but when you ARE THE MESSAGE of God, you are a Child of God! We are to be the message, a reflection of our Father. Todd is a blessing and he blesses others with the Truth of who and what God is like. To Him be the GLORY!”
-Pastor Jay Demay
It was my privilege to attend the Thursday evening service that Riding High put on in Vegas as well as the Sunday morning service. These are the highlight of our trips to the PBR. I tell so many people about it at home. This year was the 7th year we have been to the PBR. Please thank Todd, Leslie and the rest of the team for all they do to bring people to Christ. (I actually got goose bumps when so many stood up on Thursday night. Keep up the good work!
In Christ, Sandy Kilbo


Riding High Ministries, Todd Pierce, Brooks Brewer, Cody Custer, and everyone else I remember, except their names (sorry), helped me rekindle my relationship with my Savior. I was on top of the world. I had been for years. Making lots of money (to me), getting attention, TV, publications, getting asked for my autograph. I fell to temptation long before. Alcohol, women, my marriage to my teenage love, my soul mate, was falling apart. I began touring with the PBR and one morning I went to Cowboy church. I got this little brown Bible in Billings, Montana. It has been with me ever since. In every plane, hotel, and state in this country – always there comforting me. It has taken years, but I am forever grateful to Riding High Ministries. My testimony would be too long for this post, but I just wanted y’all to know what you do is so important. I have a God in the Outdoors, Archery Ministry at my church. My life is on the right track. I want to thank all of you. God Bless.
-Hans K Saunders


The Las Vegas PBR Finals Faith Night was one of the most beautiful presentations of the Gospel I’ve ever witnessed! The cowboy with me gave his life to Jesus. Thanks again & please encourage Todd & all of you.
-Teresa (horselady)


My name is Michael and I am a loyal follower of Riding High Ministries and the service it brings to the riders of PBR and all other believers. Well, this message is for Todd. He asked me to stay in touch after speaking with him on Sunday morn at the Honda center. He had prayed over me after a short talk of some fears I had about an upcoming surgery. In the middle of the prayer he stopped and asked God……” though this may not be right , I ask that you clear Michael’s biopsy and keep him from any more trouble.” Well, as the Dr. went in and took his sample, it was to his amazement that the damage that had been done prior to my kidneys had all but almost healed itself and he had no answer as of why!! I said to him, sir, if you don’t believe in the Lord, you might want to now, because between Friday when you saw me last and tonight, all I have done is eat bad stadium food, watch a sport I’m in love with and spend some time in the Lord asking for health. I was prayed over by one man, one time and He asked that God lay his hand on me and heal me! Well, I am writing you today with the same kidneys that were prayed over by Todd on Sunday morn, the same heart that accepted God’s love and accepted his grace. I write you today to say thank you for the gift you gave me Saturday night and the time you spent with me Sunday morn. Now I know cowboys ain’t supposed to cry, but Todd saw real tears Sunday morn and there are real tears right now as I write you, thanking this ministry for what is has done for this cowboy!


I was reading facebook and seen what you had wrote so I thought I would send a small testimony. In 1978, I had a dream that scared me so the next day I ask Jesus into my life. I began going to churches and all I ever found was religion and rules that seemed impossible for me to follow. All this did nothing for me except make me feel unsaved so I would turn away. From time to time, I would lean on God when I needed him. I had cancer I leaned, my wife died from cancer, I leaned, but each time as I healed, I would leave because I only knew religion. I had come to the cross but would not continue on. I was like a horse that got into the trailer but refused to get out. Some time ago, I went to the PBR finals in Vegas, not sure of the year. I went to the cowboy church only because my nephew was speaking. That was the day I met Jesus. I had never been around anyone or been anywhere where I felt the love of Jesus the way I did that day. I went to Vegas with a beer in my hand and returned with a Bible, my life started changing almost immediately. I am now a Pastor, have started two cowboy churches and helped start a rodeo Bible camp. One in Vancouver. WA and one in Klamath Falls, OR. I now travel around the northwest speaking on God’s behalf, hoping others can feel God’s love like I did in Las Vegas. I am forever grateful to all those cowboys in Vegas that God used to show me his love and grace.
-Larry Cutler